7 tips on making the most of small spaces


Living in a small space can be great for a number of reasons: It’s easy to clean, you always know where everything is, and your home is nice and cozy. But sometimes it’s tough, like when you have guests over or you need to store some items that you don’t use a lot. Here are some tips to help you maximize whatever space you have and upgrade your home!

1. Select furniture that also has storage space. Instead of getting a simple chair, sofa, or bed, get furniture that has space for storage as well, such as hidden compartments or shelves.

Recliner Corner Sofa w/Sofa Queen Bed

2. Take advantage of vertical space. Consider getting a double deck bed for your kids. You can also get tall (instead of wide) shelves and you can store items that you don’t use often on the top shelves.

3. Have a “multi-purpose” corner or room. Instead of limiting one part of your house or one room as a guest area/room, keep your options open. Instead of getting an extra bed, get a tatami mat and mattress or foam instead. When you have guests, they can sleep Japanese-style on the floor. When your guests leave, you can store the foam upright, and convert the room or space into an exercise area (just bring out a yoga mat), home office (with your laptop, chair and lap desk or small table), or play area (lay out your mattress or foam and take out the toys for the kids)!

4. Use your entertainment unit to separate spaces. Most people place their entertainment units against the wall, but you can also use it as a “divider” to separate your entertainment area from your dining area or your sleeping area. This can make you feel like you have two rooms instead of just one.

5. Make sure your furniture is dual or multi-purpose. Having multi-purpose furniture is practical and efficient if your space is limited. Good examples of such include folding desks, tables, and sofa beds.


6. Go for a wardrobe with lots of doors and drawers. You can organize your clothes, accessories, linen, towels, and other items better when your wardrobe has different compartments. After all, a small room will look neater and more spacious with less clutter

7. Get some modular furniture pieces. One big sofa may be hard to move around in a small space so why not get a sofa set that you can take apart and rearrange? Modular furniture is flexible and each piece can be used in different rooms or areas of your home.

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