Five essential items for rainy day savings

Now that we’ve bid summer adieu, it’s now time to welcome the rainy season. In the Philippines, however, many of us aren’t too fond of this time of the year. Getting stuck outdoors while it’s raining is a hassle, plus there’s the issue of flood and traffic and so on…

So it’s great that the Metro Stores will have the Hooray for Rainy Days sale until July 28! More savings for the literal and figurative rainy days! You’ll have the chance to get yourself all the essentials that will help keep you warm and dry! Here are the top five things you may want to grab when you visit a Metro Store near you!


Being caught without an umbrella when the rain suddenly pours is a nightmare. Aside from wet socks, shoes, and clothes, not having an umbrella makes your prone to getting sick. Of course, getting ill translates to shelling out hundreds or even thousands of pesos for meds. So save yourself (and your wallet) by having a handy umbrella with you. Michaela umbrellas at 10% to 30% off are available at the Metro Stores, so why not grab one? If you need something more compact, you can even buy a 3 folds thin manual umbrella to keep in your to-go bag. 

Kids’ raincoat

This rainy season, keeping your little ones safe and dry is a priority. This is especially applicable to those who are bound to return to school. To keep the kids safe from harsh rains and winds, you can also opt to purchase kids’ raincoats at a very affordable price! For just Php 299.00, you can protect your children from the rains and a possible case of cough and colds! 

Detachable hood and snap buttons

Do you need something compact, functional, and fashionable? If this is your thing, then your rainy day get up could use a detachable hood and snap buttons available at the Metro Stores! Priced at Php 299.00, this will certainly help you complete your look for the rainy days. You won’t just look fashionable--- you’ll also stay comfy and dry!

Transparent poncho

If you’re the type of person who doesn't want to carry around an umbrella or if you need your hands free at all times for, say, riding a motorcycle, then buy a transparent poncho for this season! For only Php 279.00, this item is a real steal. 

Rain shoes 

Shield your feet from rain and floods with rain shoes priced at Php 329.00. In addition to providing comfort and saving your other footwear from water damage, rain shoes are also a practical choice as they can help protect you from diseases that can be contracted in dirty water! It’s really a very small price to pay for multiple benefits this rainy season!

Drop by the Metro Stores near you and take advantage of Hooray for Rainy Days sale until July 28! Trust us. You can never have too many items for the rainy days! 

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