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7 tips on making the most of small spaces


Living in a small space can be great for a number of reasons: It’s easy to clean, you always know where everything is, and your home is nice and cozy. But sometimes it’s tough, like when you have guests over or you need to store some items that you don’t use a lot. Here are some tips to help you maximize whatever space you have and upgrade your home!

1. Select furniture that also has storage space. Instead of getting a simple chair, sofa, or bed, get furniture that has space for storage as well, such as hidden compartments or shelves.

Recliner Corner Sofa w/Sofa Queen Bed

2. Take advantage of vertical space. Consider getting a double deck bed for your kids. You can also get tall (instead of wide) shelves and you can store items that you don’t use often on the top shelves.

3. Have a “multi-purpose” corner or room. Instead of limiting one part of your house or one room as a guest area/room, keep your options open. Instead of getting an extra bed, get a tatami mat and mattress or foam instead. When you have guests, they can sleep Japanese-style on the floor. When your guests leave, you can store the foam upright, and convert the room or space into an exercise area (just bring out a yoga mat), home office (with your laptop, chair and lap desk or small table), or play area (lay out your mattress or foam and take out the toys for the kids)!

4. Use your entertainment unit to separate spaces. Most people place their entertainment units against the wall, but you can also use it as a “divider” to separate your entertainment area from your dining area or your sleeping area. This can make you feel like you have two rooms instead of just one.

5. Make sure your furniture is dual or multi-purpose. Having multi-purpose furniture is practical and efficient if your space is limited. Good examples of such include folding desks, tables, and sofa beds.


6. Go for a wardrobe with lots of doors and drawers. You can organize your clothes, accessories, linen, towels, and other items better when your wardrobe has different compartments. After all, a small room will look neater and more spacious with less clutter

7. Get some modular furniture pieces. One big sofa may be hard to move around in a small space so why not get a sofa set that you can take apart and rearrange? Modular furniture is flexible and each piece can be used in different rooms or areas of your home.

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5 fun Easter activities for the family

Celebrate new beginnings with your loved ones with these eggxciting, hassle-free ideas!


Easter Sunday is always an opportunity to celebrate how Jesus has risen. It is also a wonderful time to relax and bond with our loved ones.

This Easter, make the most out of this occasion with these five festive ideas that won’t have you breaking the bank! You can have a meaningful, yet fun Easter with the help of Metro Stores. We’ve got you covered. Check out these five fun activities you can enjoy with the family!

1. Join the Easterrific Egg Hunt

To celebrate Easter, the family can participate in Metro Store’s Easterrific Egg Hunt! It’s a fun activity for the entire family, most especially those with children ages 4 to 12. Interested participants should present a single purchase receipt of PHP 1,000 to sign up. You can learn more about it here.

The Easterrific Egg Hunt is a great way to celebrate with your kids as it is inspired by a well-loved Easter tradition. Feel the “eggxitement” while going on a hunt! Finding Easter eggs is a fun and rewarding experience that promotes teamwork and a healthy sense of adventure!

2. Celebrate with Easter arts and crafts



Easter is a time for celebration. It also symbolizes new beginnings, so it's the perfect reason to make it a festive occasion.

For a fun, colorful Easter, you may opt to go the DIY route. With arts and crafts supplies from the Metro Stores, such as construction paper, craft scissors, fuzzy wires, craft embellishments, and stickers, you can make fun Easter-themed decorations you can spruce up your home with. You can make Easter egg cutouts and Easter bunny paper dolls! The possibilities are endless. You can have fun making Easter decor. You can also enjoy the process of decorating your home with them.


3. Decorate your own Easter eggs


This next activity is a sure favorite from many because it's so fun and super easy. Decorating Easter Eggs is surely a fun way to celebrate Easter!

You can purchase eggs from the Metro Supermarket and pick up some art supplies such as art brushes, poster paint, watercolor, mixing palette, glitter glue, and Artline markers from the Metro Store. When you get home, boil the eggs and then let your imagination run when decorating them! You can use markers, watercolors, and even glitter glue to create your very own Easter masterpiece.


4. Bake Easter treats or makes confections

Baking is always considered a happy and even therapeutic activity. Making confections also has the same effect. So this Easter, why not bake fun, colorful treats? Aside from being a fun activity, you can share the love and joy by sharing these sweet treats as gifts. You can even have them as snacks or desserts!

 Thankfully, Metro Supermarket has choice baking ingredients you can use! Carrot cake mix, West Coast All-Purpose Flour, Ultimate Fudge Brownie Mix, Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, and confectioners sugar are just some of the few things you pick up at the Metro Supermarket! 



You can make Easter egg-shaped sugar cookies or even bake a moist cake topped with Easter-themed decorations!

 5. Host an Easter feast


 Sharing hearty meal with family and loved ones is always a fun thing to do. This Easter, why not start a new tradition by hosting a lunch or dinner? This is a good way to celebrate the occasion as it is also an excellent opportunity to catch up with your loved ones.

You can develop a menu for your Easter feast. You can prepare Q steak, Q rib roast, steamed veggies such as QV brocolli, carrots, and cauliflower, salads with QV lettuce, cucumber, bell pepper, and corn, even a pasta dish such as penne and spaghetti. You can even have both carbonara and Filipino style sauces, depending on what you’re in the mood for. You can also go the fancy route and serve some white or red wine--- The good thing about this is that all ingredients for the feast are available in Metro Supermarket!

You can even cook some family favorites to make your lunch or dinner a surefire hit!

Remember that Easter is a celebration of new beginnings. So this year, take it up a notch by starting new Easter traditions. Drop by Metro Stores and Metro Supermarket for all the things you need to make your Easter memorable and eggstra special!

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11 Travel Items You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

Summer time = travel time! Wherever you chose to wander, make sure you bring the following items to help you save cash, space and time.

1. A sturdy carry-on bag. Your carry-on bag should be durable and flexible. Backpacks are great for camping, hiking, and city tours, while luggage can hold more items and keep them organized. Whatever you choose, make sure your bag is lightweight and tough.

2. Cap or Hat. Unless you plan to stay indoors for most of your trip, a good cap or hat is a must. It can protect your head from the rays of the sun or sudden rain, and keep your head warm in cooler climates.

3. Mini First Aid Kit. You’ve got places to go and sights to see but oh no, you feel a headache/tummyache/sore throat coming on! It’s always good to have some basic meds, band aids, lozenges, ointment or balm, and other first aid items on hand so your vacation leave won’t turn into a sick leave.


4. Clothes you can layer. Weather can be unpredictable. Make sure you have just the right thing to wear by packing clothes that are lightweight and easy to layer. For men, short sleeved polos and t-shirts; for women, cover ups, sleeveless tops, and shawls.

5. Sarong. One of most versatile items you can bring along. For hot or warm weather, your sarong can be a cover-up or a skirt. For cold weather, use it like a shawl. Use your sarong as an instant blanket while napping on the plane, as a spread for a picnic at the park, or lay it over the sand while sunbathing on a beach.

6. Neck or Travel Pillow. Waking up with a crick in the neck can leave you feeling cranky all day. That’s why a good, portable pillow is a must during long-haul flights or when you need to take a power nap in-between stops on your trip.

7. Luggage Organizer. Separate your shoes, laundry, clean clothes, and toiletries with luggage organizers. After all, more space in your luggage means more pasalubong!

8. Cosmetic organizer. Sunscreen, moisturizer, lip balm, foundation, mascara, eyeliner — are you sure you have all the cosmetics you need? Keep them in a cute organizer so you don’t lost them on the trip!

9. Sleeping Kit. Do you have trouble sleeping while traveling (in a bus, car, or plane) or in a new place? Then be sure to pack a “sleeping kit” with the following: an eye mask, earplugs, travel or neck pillow, and socks.

10. Universal Travel Adapter/Converter. If you’re taking a trip outside the country, make sure you bring a travel adapter and/or converter for your cell phone charger, tablet, laptop, and other electronics.

11. Sturdy luggage. You can’t travel properly without this. Are you going for hardcase or softcase? Whichever you choose, make sure your luggage is both durable and fashionable. Check out some of our travel gear items on sale now until April 14!


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